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In this age of technology, the only thing that is definite is that computers will eventually fail. Sometimes it is obvious, such as a monitor going out. Other times it is not as noticeable, such as a network card that is not consistently performing properly. Some of the less noticeable problems simply appear as general systems faults that never seem tied together.

Computers that are not stable cause more than just headaches. They waste valuable time and can corrupt your information. It is very important that all of your computers work properly.

New computers are nice, but not always necessary or the least expensive choice. Sometimes all it takes is an upgrade of some of your computer’s critical components, such as the processor, motherboard, memory or video card.

As fast as technology is changing, it is hard to stay current. In many cases, having the latest and greatest hardware is not absolutely necessary. Most people only need to upgrade their computers every few years to facilitate the more intensive demands of new software. In these cases, upgrading saves you time and money.

In Shop Repair
$75.00 per hour
On Site Repair Service
$75.00 per hr with a maximum of 3 hrs
Emergency Service
$125.00 for first hr/ $95.00 each additional
Website Design -
$85.00 per hour
Remote Support
$75.00 per hour
Data Backup or Recovery *******
$75.00 per hour ******If Needed in addition to On Site Repair
Private Computer Instruction
$75.00 per hour

Pick Up/Drop Off Service
(call to see if you are in our service area)
NO Fee Pick up


bullet Prices quoted do not include parts.
bullet All hourly charges will be billed in 15 minute increments (minimum charge of 1 hour).



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