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   Repair Service

All customers requesting repair work are charged a rate of $75.00 per hour for troubleshooting.

Customer will be notified with a list of failed parts, recommendations, total cost for repair, and an expected time to repair computer(s).

All repairs will be made after customer have agreed to the cost of repairing the computer(s).

If customer chooses not to have the computer(s) repaired, the troubleshooting rate of $75.00 per hour still applies.

If data backup is requested, the customer will need to complete a data backup form which states which files are in need of being backed up and the location of the files on the harddrive (FILENAMES AND LOCATION ARE NECESSARY). The Computer Doctor is not responsible for any lost data if backup is not requested. The Computer Doctor is not responsible for any files not requested on the backup form. Customer will be notified if data is unable to be backed up due to hardware issues. Customer will be notified if data requested to be backed up is unable to be found on the hard drive.

All repairs/upgrades are final

Most notorious parts that fail are generally on hand during repair except for motherboards which must be ordered.

All repairs/upgrades are covered under 30 day parts/labor/troubleshooting fee guarantee.

After 30 days all parts are covered under any further warranty provided by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

Payment is due in full at time repairs/upgrades are completed.


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